This inter-denominational, Christian women’s conference was founded in South Africa in 1996. From small beginnings, it has grown to be one of the leading women’s conferences in South Africa, bringing out overseas speakers, authors and performing artists of the highest calibre. The aim is always to inspire and encourage women in their faith using “real” women to communicate their faith with humour and grace. It is a great place for “seekers” to come as the atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming. Friends, fellowship, food, fun, great music, great speakers and gifts galore make this a really special conference!


Beauty for Ashes is an inter-denominational, faith-based, non-profit organisation bringing encouragement and hope to women in southern Africa. We want women to know just how much God loves them and to leave our conferences feeling uplifted, encouraged and inspired, and able to grow in faith through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

We do this by having ‘real women’ share their stories, honestly and with humour, about how God helps them deal with ‘real’ issues. We offer first-rate conferences and also resources, books and a dynamic website.

OUR SLOGAN:   Real women   Real lives   Real faith


You can read the story of how we got started here.  The story is called ‘Just Take The Next Step.’


8 Responses to “About Beauty for Ashes”

  1. Dianne Collins Says:

    The 4 conferences I attended in Cape Town over the past few years were really life changing and I wouldn’t want to miss it for the world. I will try my utmost to attend it in Jhb but please please bring it back to Cape Town next year. Could you please inform me of times for the Friday and Saturday, so that I can try and arrange something? Thank you, bless you guys.

  2. Dianne Collins Says:

    Thank you Aldyth, I am really trying to make a plan. Blessings to you too. Dianne

  3. Joy barrett Says:

    Please give me more details of the conference, registration, price, etc…

    Many thanks

    • Aldyth Says:

      Hi Joy
      You can get all the details of the conference at http:www.beautyforashes.co.za and also join our FB group to keep “in the loop.” The price is R350, venue is in Bryanston (map and directions on website), and you can register online on the website. Speakers, Nice To Know Info, and much more on website.
      Thanks for your enquiry. I look forward to meeting you at the conference.
      Kind regards

  4. Doris Mayoli Says:

    I was browsing and came across this. So interesting since I authored a book titled Ashes to Beauty a few years back on my journey through Breast Cancer. Its a journal chronicling my day to day experiences, good and bad, and how God was so present for me. It ended in victory because I am now cancer free and running a Trust to help others who are going through the same thing I did. Maybe one day I shall be able to attend your conference 🙂


  5. Kea Says:

    Looking through your wonderful wesite I wish I could rename you to “From Ashes to Beauty” May I ask how you came up with the name Beauty for Ashes or the meaning thereof.
    I am so interested in women ministries…

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